Umpires Corner

Southeast Valley (SEV) Baseball

Interested in becoming an official SEV Baseball Umpire?


JR Umpires Sr. Intermediate, Jr.

Sr Level Umpires:

Umpires division Bronco and above. These umpire will display good knowledge of the rules, enforcement of rules, enforcement of safety on and off the field. The biggest piece is being a good role model for the younger umpires by observing, providing feedback during the season and helping with training during the off season.

Above the age of 18 years old

Pay per game:
2 man umpire per game – $45
1 man umpire per game – $60

Intermediate Level Umpires:

Umpires mainly Mustang by themselves, Bronco and above with a partner. These umpires are still in development but display a good understanding of the rules and safety of the game. They will be a good role model and help the Jr. Umpires during the season by providing feedback before and after the games.

16-18 years old

Pay per Game:
1 or 2 man umpire Mustang and below per game – $35
Bronco and above 1 man umpire – $50

Jr. Level Umpires:

Yes, we love to give our players the opportunity to learn the art of umpiring. Must be 13 years or older to become a Jr. Umpire for our League. Periodically, we offer umpire clinics to help train our teens how to make those calls, view the field of play, and assert themselves behind the plate. It’s great experience! Contact our League President to learn more.

13-15 years old

Pay per Game: Deemed by the umpire in chief
After training  – $15
During training – $10